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Established in 1987, we have been providing top quality products over Singapore. And in 1992, we are the first poultry company to start poultry farming in Malaysia and had since introducing top of the range farming technology in rearing our chickens.

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Organic Farms

Kee Song always explores innovative solutions to improve the environment through our sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In 2017, our poultry farms fulfilled requirements from the Ministry of Agriculture Agro-based Industry Malaysia and were awarded MyOrganic Certification.

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Traditionally chicken farms are notorious for producing noxious fumes as well as loud noise from the surroundings. Therefore using tunes from Mozart calms the broilers during their stay in the coop. A healthy and calmer environment will result in healthier chickens.

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Lactobacillus, or friendly bacteria, is a natural way of combating harmful bacteria. With a more advanced lactobacillus technology, stronger strains were especially cultured for Lacto Chicken, enhancing their immune system the natural way. It is introduced into the diet of chickens reared in a controlled environment under the strict supervision of a team of selected and qualified professionals.

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Sustainable Farming

Kee Song’s vision is to provide mankind with better and healthier food choices, through sustainable farming.

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Kee Song Food
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Email: contact@keesong.com

MengKee Poultry
(M) SdnBhd

18A JalanSutera,
Taman Sutera,
83700 Yong Peng
Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +607 4681325
Email: mengkee@keesong.com

Lucky Poultry
(M) SdnBhd

No 19, JalanIndustri 8,
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Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +607 6993167
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Email: lucky@keesong.com

Kee Song Bio-Technology
Holdings Limited

8F, No. 51, Songjiang Road,
Zhongshan District
Taipei City 104,
Taiwan (R.O.C)

Tel: 886 2 2518 4933
Fax: 886 2 2503 4933
Email: twservice@keesong.com

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Faith and support from our esteemed clients and the dependence of our diligent staff are the keys to our success.